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How do we build? The construction consists of high quality materials, professional team and honest attitude to the customer. Make sure of it and check our photo reports

Profiled dry timber houses associated with

Wooden houses associated with pleasant cozy place, where you should feel that you are home. The place you want to come back...

Wooden house of glued timber

We offer glued timber and wooden houses of glued beam of high quality manufactured in compliance with European standards. The lowest price of glued timber from woodplace.

дома из клееного бруса

Frame houses projects

We design and build different assembly frame houses, depending on the customer's wishes. We follow the latest developments in construction industry and use these skills in our job. The Deadline is one of the most important thing for us. Your house will be built in time.


Here you can find technical information about wooden timber constructions, some interesting cases and other company’s news

Timber houses project

Woodplace is a 17 years experienced company specialized on wooden house construction. We build glulam and dry timber houses, and we do our best to make your new home comfortable and safe. That why we check every step of production and construction, to ensure the quality of our building.

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Why our wooden houses are the best?

If you want to build the wooden house, the most important decision is to choose the right constructers. Their experience and high quality materials will become the guarantee of comfort and safety. WoodPlace – Advantages at a reasonable price.

Own production:

50 experts work at our own manufacture of lumber. We make all necessary materials in a short time.

Reasonable price:

Our company offers the most reasonable price of wooden log construction. As a producer we can make it possible without losing the quality.

Great work experience:

We built more than 370 houses and 200 bathhouses in Belarus and Russia. That’s why we know how to build a high quality building.

Work on contract basis:

All our obligations are registered officially in the contract. We are responsible for quality and deadlines.

Minimum terms:

We have no break of delivery or lack of staff. After delivery to the construction site the house will be built on 14 days on average.

Eco-friendly materials:

In our work we use natural wooden materials only. Reliable eco-friendly wooden house made by WoodPlace is the way to live in harmony with nature.

Team of Professionals:

Stuff recruiting is an important part of our company. Our employees must be highly skilled experts with all needed skills. Our team was carefully selected and proved by time.


We are engaged in construction since 1999. During 16 years we firmly established itself in the market of wooden house construction.


We build for ages. Your grandchildren will thank you!

Wooden house construction

Wooden houses took the leading position consumer. The eco-friendly, cozy wooden house which maintains temperature and provide air circulation, became a dream for many families.

We are fulfilling dreams! We have the license for timber harvesting and the modern processing equipment. And we use only high quality materials in our construction.

Construction of wooden houses is our vocation!

We are glad to offer the log houses sets that ready to erection works(wooden beam with pans, floor battens, roof timber, boards). You can build a country house, a bathhouse or an arbor by yourself, using a log house set. Or you can order “turnkey” construction – so we can control all stages of work, from the he preparing of the foundation till the interior works.

Compressing the other company, we have the most reasonable condition of profiled and glued beam construction on market. If you want just to buy timber material and do everything by yourself, you won’t overpay for materials, because we are the manufacturer of timber. Also if you are looking for designer and constructer for “turnkey” work, you found the right company. Woodplace is the reasonable price for a work done by specialists!

There is no time to think – it is time to build!

If you have any questions – contact us and our specialist will consult you, and help to find the right variant. Price calculation FOR FREE!

We build high-quality modern houses, that created the unique atmosphere of comfort!

How we build!

Beauty and reliability!

In our work we use the high-quality materials only. The modern equipment allows to produce technical dry beam, glued timber, frame house set that are almost not subject to cracks. For inexpensive projects we offer wooden houses made of wooden beams of nature moisture and frame house building.

We do our best and treat with love to every project. We have a huge experience we can design exactly what our customer want. We know how to build a wooden house, which will delight you and your family.

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