Construction of houses from wooden beam

Wooden houses always associate with something calm and pleasant. The place where you want to come back. The wooden house is a place where you’d like to raise your children, the place where everything has been done by the specialists and you shouldn’t worry about anything and can just relax …

Woodplace is a 17 years experienced company specialized on wooden house construction. We used wooden glued and technical dry timber. We have done more then 500 projects. You can check our previous project on Our work page. We produce all materials by ourselves on the privet factory in Belarus. That’s why we can guaranty the high-quality materials and low price. As result you get a comfortable house prepared for living at the lowest price in Belarus.

Beam house

Wooden houses are perfectly isolated from external weather effects and save heat air inside. Also temperature isolation helps to reduce the cost of heating. The microclimate in wooden houses possesses certain qualities. The scientific fact The are fewer microbes and bacteria in wooden rooms, so people who lives in such type of houses getting sick rarely.

Each project are unique. You’ll never find two identical beam houses. Even when we use one project plan, houses will be different by its structure of wood, a shade, smell and even the atmosphere. Pay attention to the price of construction, wooden timber is cheaper than houses of other materials. You start saving your money from the laying of foundation. The price is based on working hours, the cost of materials production and complexity of the project.

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