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Despite the amount of different kinds of building materials, the suburban construction mostly carried out with the use of wooden row materials. People choose eco-friendly proven material in order to save money, or for quickly construction. Those who don’t want to lose the heat in winter and cares about their health.

However, during the construction of wooden houses and conducting communications require more specific safety requirements. The electrical wiring should be installed carefully with stringent fire safety requirements.

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The first phase of the wiring is laying opening cable from an electricity power lines. Te supply cable is pulled to the switchboard. In this case, the means of administration of the supply cable may be only two: the air and underground.

On Air. It’s more simple and more economical case, because it almost doesn’t require any additional work. It’s only necessary to buy a self-supporting brand wire, cable camps and fixing anchor. The use of insulated wires eliminates the need to stretch suspension cable that allows you to arrange the work more pleasing.

There are advantages and disadvantages of air feeder cable:

- Adversely affects the aesthetics of the facade;

- Reduced wiring durability;

- High probability of damaging the wire trees and other plantings.

Underground method of laying the cable opening in the wooden house is more labor-intensive, requiring more expensive materials than the previous method. The advantages of this method are increasingly outweigh the high cost of digging a trench:

- Does not suffer from the aesthetics of the facade of the house;

- Eliminates the possibility of damage to the electric cable;

- Increases the service life of the wire.

The unit power line private wooden house trenching carried out using armored cable brand VBbShv as with different numbers of cores and a certain section which is chosen accordingly allocated power and the number of phases.

Lead-in cable laying depth should be at least 0.8 m, at the bottom of the trench is provided a sand bag, which thickness is 15-20 cm and sprinkled on top of the cable in the same layer of sand. After a distance of 40-50 cm on the ground keeps warning tape, "not dig the cable." The trench is filled with soil up to the end.

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Distribution switchboards for a country house

The second phase wiring. Introductory cable held, mounted switchboard. Its power is distributed to all electrical consumers. Filling switchboard comprises:

-Circuit breakers;

- Protective devices;

- Differential circuit breakers;

- Earthing bar;

- Zeroing the tire;

- Other necessary devices.

Automation suggests a significant level of security of households, these devices protect against overvoltage all the electrics and the emergence of local emergencies.

Product range of boards is great, there is no need to consider each. Prefer to be the shields open installation, among the recommended are the following: Moeller, ABB, Electric, Shneider.

Internal wiring installation of a wooden house

Power lines in a country house can be mounted in two ways:

- The invoice, that is, open wiring. The wires are stretched over the surface of the wall or ceiling;

- Hidden, wiring is laid inside the structural elements of the building - in the ceiling, inside the walls.

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Surface mounting is a budget option, of work on the power lines will take no more than two weeks (depending on the area of the house and the number of electrical appliances, and the term varies from qualification level electricians).

Surface mounting OVT wire requires cable channels PVC (non-flammable), PVC corrugated (otherwise - metal hose). It can also be used in outdoor cable nonflammable protective shell with fasteners.

Wire installation in a wooden house with a cable channel

Open wiring in the house from a bar (as well as trimmed or clapboard built from logs), where the walls - a flat surface, is performed with the use of non-flammable PVC boxes. These boxes are rectangular profile, lockable removable cover.

The advantages of using a cable channel:

- Ensures the proper level of cooling wires;

- Easy accommodation of additional wiring elements at any time

- Availability of all elements of the system of wires;

- Easy replacement of the wiring parts;

For installation of additional cable or wiring led to an overload when choosing a cable cross-section should be added to 30% of the rated load on them.

PVC box will not damage the interior of the premises, as manufacturers offer consumers a box of different colors. You can choose plain (white, light brown and brown) or structured wood (pine nut).

Retro cable insulators in laying electricians

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This method of mounting external wiring in wood has become popular recently. Stranded wire on insulators is advisable to apply in houses built from logs. Market cable wiring materials is Spanish and Italian producers. Very nice looks decorative braided cord in "retro" GI Gambarelli. The color scheme of the cable may also be different: white, black, gold, brown and gray.

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