Turnkey glued timber house construction

We offer the glued timber houses for the lowest price in Minsk from Woodplace company. We are 17 years experienced specialist in house building. We guarantee the quality of our turnkey work. Check the reviews on our website. Also, you can buy the glued timber of our production.

Design project of glued timber houses. Reasonable prices. We build houses in Minsk and all over the Belarus.

You can order the glued timber house in Woodplace for low price with guarantee of quality. You can choose one for our design project or order your own project. Also our specialist can change one of available project according your wishes.

New material!

Double glued timber – the construction technology combining the advantages of frame houses and solid timber building. High-quality wooden house doesn’t always require expensive materials and consumptions of timber volume

We produce all materials in our own factory according every European quality standard.

Glued timber is made of glued wooden lamellae under high pressure and temperature. It’s widespread in different type of wood construction of bathhouses and summer houses. Also it’s used in the eco-interior of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Glued timber houses

Glued timber houses have a number of advantages. The material is a mix of presentable exterior and strength and durability. Wooden houses combine all advantages of natural wood and high strength. This quality allows us to make a project of any difficulties.

How do we build!

It is much easier to erect the prepared glued timber house than build the log cabin construction. The wooden bras delivered to the building site have been prepared to laying at the factory. That’s why the whole assemble takes just 1/5 month/ So the timber house is ready for living for 2 months.

After that you can start padding the engineering communication, install doors and windows, and interior works.

Glued timber production

Wooden billets pass through several stages of processing:

  • Technical drying till the set level
  • Removing of defective parts
  • Forming a flat-surface thorn
  • Splicing with a special glue

After the splicing we get a monolithic wooden block, which is easily profiled and treated to achieve the stated dimensions and part’s geometry. The quality of materials doesn’t depend on the season. With time timbers become darer, so sometimes construction should be treat with antiseptic.

Through the use of high-quality wood only, glued lumber is characterized by high strength, durability and performance characteristics.

Air dry of timber
Air dry of timber
Processing timber with 4 sides for base surfaces
Cutting defects
Trimming and removing defects
Mechanical splicing
Milling of mini spike at the end of the timber gluing in order to obtain pieces of desired length.
Removing residual adhesive and accurate the geometrical shapes
Quality glue application
Timber gluing
Gluing by layer
Blank profiling
Grooves cutting
Accurate trimming timber in size kickoff sample cups

The Advantages of glued timber

Deep drying and careful treatment of wooden slats ensures a long service life of glued beam houses retaining the appearance and performance of new buildings.

With a lot of advantages of natural timber, glued timber houses have a number of advantages over classic timber bulidings:

  • Not absorb moisture and not change parts geometry
  • Absence of external cracks
  • Not subject to long-term shrinking
  • No internal stress inside the parts
  • The predicted grade material
  • No limitation of length
  • Increase resistance to mechanical stress
  • Resistance to moisture, mold, rot, and other natural factors effects

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