The history of WoodPlace is the history of family business.
Today we are large Belarusian Company having our own design firm and production. Our architectural bureau develops individual projects of wooden houses, taking into account requirements of the customer and meeting all architectural standards. Our factory is equipped with the latest European equipment where timber passes a full circle processing: from primary timber conversion to a high-quality material. Our own wood and the production of a log and beam of the Finnish technology guarantees high quality and stable low prices. More than 50 people work on production to build your house from the top-quality timber that has the best properties.

The management of WoodPlace Company has a strong team, hereditary builders patrilineally. Grandfather in particular promoted a love of nature, wood products, trained nuts and bolts and traditions of wooden house construction. He lived and worked in Belarus in Polesje region. After post-war time his hands built about 40 houses which are used by owners till today and will be in use for many years.

Our company it not simply group of people who builds houses made of profiled wooden beam, it is team which loves their business, builds with a high standards and enjoys process and result of their work. The WoodPlace Company is engaged in construction of houses, bathhouses, arbours since 1999. During 15 years of work with a timber reliable teams of top-ranked specialists were formed: millwrights, roofers, stokers who are as safe as houses. Our company realized a set of different projects, beginning with soil survey finishing with interior works. We are team that does high-quality work, quickly and effectively, team in which each expert knows the business and is the professional in it.

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