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Contact with WoodPlace company managers to order one of the objects within the hot offers - create a unique exterior suburban area of their dreams at a reduced price!

WoodPlace raises convenient construction of natural wood, which perfectly complement any vacation site. Choose a directory from one elaborate projects or order the erection of an object on an individual project, in which all your wishes will be taken into account. If necessary, our architects can help modify one of the existing projects in accordance with your requirements.

We use only varietal wood drying technology, which ensures reliability, durability and beautiful appearance of the finished structure.

Bathhouse or summer house made of natural wood will give warmth, comfort, reliability and gentle natural fragrance that will delight you with more than a dozen years!


  • reasonable prices;
  • quality of technical wood drying;
  • proven quality - we build in 1999;
  • minimal construction time;
  • Work under the contract;
  • offers facility for a standard or an individual project;
  • own production (always in the presence of materials and equipment in the right volumes);
  • Only qualified staff with experience in 6 years.
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