Only at first sight the construction of wooden houses seems easy. Many self-built country houses and small wooden structures. But the construction of safe warm home task for qualified professionals with experience and professional tools. timber weight comes to 300 kg, and the ridge beams and even more.

Our company takes care of all the stages of assembly log cabins: from finding a crane to cleanup at the end of work.

Housing sets company Woodplace unique, so the installation of these housing sets is carried out according to the standard developed by the company. Even consumables for the most part are not purchased, but it is made under housing set. Especially for cups cut hollofayber certain size, cut, laser-cut and then welded and galvanized metal compounds, the node "Force" is made specifically for our cross-section of the beam, even antiseptic for technical drying lumber company Remmers supplies especially for us.

All teams are equipped with a special, necessary for correct assembly tool at home and that is no less important skill.

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