Woodplace Company finds a close circle of partners during many years of constructions of houses from a profiled wooden beam. Cooperation made it possible to unite achievements and experience of each participant of the project. Together we build modern houses for the purpose of providing happy life of their owners.

Standard wooden house construction is based on assemblage of constructions from a glued wooden beam of technical drying or natural moisture. This method includes structure erection at option pile cap foundation with a plate or continuous footing foundation. But this method requires time expenditures and financial expenses.

We propose a new solution – construction of the house on pile foundation. Market penetration of Russia and Belarus of stick-frame houses provided possibility of fast and economical house construction. Cost saving at the first stages of house construction as a result reduces a total amount of building and construction works and speeds up house construction process several times.

Cooperation with Fundeks Company demonstrates that pile foundations are as good as its analogs on strength indicators and thus are more economical in production.

Only the certified hardware of our Russian partners Tech–KREP, scrids, bolts, adjusting anchors, self-tapping screws and nails, washers and connectors and other positions are used. The company confirms that high quality of goods guarantees not only a strong construction of the house, but also reliable and long-term cooperation.

Roof is an element of the house which gives us feeling of safety and reliability. It is often stated that a roof covering intends only for protection of construction against climatic influence and for heat conservation indoors. But such mistake can lead to the wrong choice of a roof. The roof, in its turn, carries out also function of a foundation. It weighs heavily on house, as if clasping it on every side. Therefore the weight of the roof is the additional anchoring element for profiled wooden beam, along with dowels and joints Force.

Zabudova factory is the only producer of a sand-cement tile in our Republic! Products of this factory will become a sure option!

If the process of construction completed and the house shrinks it means that it is time to go to the Svetlye Okna Company and to install doors and windows with a full light protection set!

Saving of time is cost cutting. For this reason we make roof drainage system together with the Vodostoki za odin den Company. Joint-free roof drainage system, qualified personnel, service warranty maintenance.

All timber that go to house set made out of wooden beams are treated with a preservative Remmers at profiling stage. It concerns both rafter system, and all other elements of the house. Remmers mean German quality that has no need of advertising. In assortment there is wide color scale of impregnations for external work of log house and a huge choice of impregnations for interior works.

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