Testimonial from Anna and Sergei’s family

A thousand thanks, WoodPlace!

We decided to build a small wooden house with possible year-round use. For a long time we chose from what material (beam, half-timber, round wood) to build. We liked wooden beam because of its form and characteristics. We came to a decision. Then we looked for the company who would make and assemble a house. Within a year we called to different companies, watched finished products.

We apply to WoodPlace two times (with a year break) – the second time was final and successful in February, 2014 (only now we decide to leave a review). Both times employees of the company, including the director Ilya, gave well advises and helped to choose roof material, having dissuaded us from metal tile roofing.

The house was built much earlier, than specified in the contract (the contract was signed in February with deadline of the end of construction in October). The house was ready already on June 6, 2014. On construction of the house with an attic floor (the sizes 6 x 6) taking into account adverse weather conditions (rained cats and dogs) took only 2 weeks! Zhenya's team built. All works were made in a good manner and accurately. Builders lived at the lonely neighbor, by that brightened his days!

We are happy with the result.

We come round to opinion of people that such combination of professionalism and lack of avidity in the construction sphere we don’t met anywhere. Even later (in a year) when I phone to Ilya and Andrey I was addressed by name!

WoodPlace, without doubt, appreciates each and every client! Thank you all for time spent with us and our saved nerves!
When possible we boast of our little house to acquaintances and colleagues and we advise to address to your company.

Good luck and well-being! And prosperity in your wooden business!

Yours faithfully, Anna and Sergei’s family (the house in Dzerzhinsky district).

Testimonial from Roman and Larisa

We liked the house very much which was built by WoodPlace Company. The house was made out of profiled wooden beam from a zero cycle to roof construction. Team dealt with any problem and took into account our preferences. Assemblers worked every day, even during scorching heat. They behaved on a site in a civilized manner, our neighbors liked them too. With happiness we observed how the house of our dream grew on a site. We are very happy with the result. Thanks to the WOODPLACE team to Alexander, Andrey, team of builders: to Alexander, Artyom and Nikolay. We wish you continued success in work, good clients, happiness and wellbeing. Roman and Larisa.

Testimonial from Evgeny and Svetlana

Many thanks to WoodPlace firm that built to us in the shortest possible time the house "Borovlyany" made out of profiled wooden beam. Many thanks to Zakharchena Ilya and Alexander for their professionalism and honesty. Thanks to Alexander all works were carried out quickly and qualitatively. I want to thank team led by Ivan who in 4 days poured concrete for a foundation. And special thanks to Abramovich Vitaly's team which in 10 days built the house. Next year we plan to build a bathhouse.
We made the most right decision choosing this company. Thanks to All huge, all to you benefits! Good luck and prosperity!

Evgeny and Svetlana, Kaluga region, Sukhinichi

Testimonial from Michael

I get involved with construction of the wooden houses for the first time. Acquaintances built and didn't recommend doing this. All their opinions were denied when I began cooperation with Woodplace. Professional staff. They take into account my wishes together with professional assessment from their part. You didn’t get a chance to do a lot of silly things.))) Special thanks to the head Ilya Zakharchena and foreman Sergey. They are very skilled and responsible professionals. There were no negative moments. It is surprising in construction. Anytime! Yours faithfully Michael

Testimonial from Paul

I want to express deep gratitude to WoodPlace Company for the work done. Never had I thought that construction of the house can bring such pleasure and this thanks to team of true professionals who really love and know their job. Starting from the first minute of acquaintance they explained me all complexities of construction business, in detail told about pluses and minuses of log houses and how it is necessary to come to this not-so simple process. The team always willingly communicated with me at any time and attended to my wishes and questions. Construction took place in winter 2015 and all process of construction took place in the shortest time possible and everybody worked as a team. Special tanks to two teams led by foremen Vitaly and Sergei who built the house, the bathhouse, the arbour and the toilet. Everybody behaved very adequately, gave advice and considered my opinion. I was surprised also by the fact that when houses were built each of crews several times came to check quality of the work performed, cleaned the territory from construction waste and friendly helped me with everything. Thanks a lot Paul, Alexander, Maxim and of course Ilya for doing a great job. I wish you success and further development. Yours faithfully Paul (St. Coliseya)

Testimonial from Alexey's family

We want to express our gratitude to Woodplace Company for construction of the house and for comity of manner of the staff of the company. We built the house in Kryzhovka in country cooperative "Zheleznodorozhnik" in the fall of 2014. It is necessary to tell that we for the first time faced a combination of professionalism and lack of cupidity in the construction sphere. We paid attention to the Woodplace Company for the following reasons: A large number of the executed projects. We were suggested to examine other objects to estimate quality. They didn't say to build the house "of any material you want". "Woodplace" builds houses made out of wooden beam, unlike "professionals" who are able to build out of everything and as the result of poor quality. What did we like during the work with Woodplace Company? They listen attentively to our ideas, but stand up against the customer if it can worsen a building. In other words they won't allow you to drop the ball because of your incompetence. This company showed their biased attitude not only to the house under construction, but also to those objects which were already built by other company. Concerning these objects which were already built by other company: they gave not only advice but really helped and didn't mention about any extra cost. Nicely that we communicated with exclusively decent people who didn't raise the question of the estimate in the course of construction. They didn't increase costs even by the amount of those improvements which they decided to do in process of construction. For the first time we are faced with builders who maintain the terms, even advance in schedule.

As a result of construction we saved our nerves which were going to spend before this action. Any our building (and it was not the first), any repair wasn't passed with such quiet emotional background. We have only good impressions of process and result of construction, for what thanks to you Ilya, Andrey and to your employees!

Apply to Woodplace Company if you want to receive high quality for the stipulated payment.

Testimonial from Olga and Alexander

Many thanks, Woodplace! We wanted to build the big house for accommodation. Employees of the company advised about the construction clearly and accurately, finished the project taking into account our ideas, thus the budget didn't increase. They advised many things of which we didn't even think, but during construction we became convinced that it is very important. The house was built in proper time. During construction problems didn't arise at all. Separate thanks to the team of builders directed by Sergei for accurate and thorough work, Ilya for an explanation of all questions. We liked the organization of work very much, everybody works together and quickly. After finishing of assemblage of the house, we made a decision to order a bathhouse in WoodPlace. Today assemblage of the bathhouse and the house are complete, we have only positive impressions of work.

We wish very success in your future work, happiness and wellbeing. Olga and Alexander.

Testimonial from Tamara

We decided to build the house and my husband told only the wooden one. I surfed on the Internet and found companies which are engaged in wooden houses building. We had no compunction about choosing WoodPlace Company. They are very intelligent workers both to explain, prompt and to bring to life the project. All works were executed in proper time both delivery and assemblage. House preservation during winter period we made only on their professional advice. And the house is simply "sweetie". I carry out all subsequent types of works only with specialists of this company. I listen to their advices and I follow their instructions. Foundation laying team and assemblage team are highly qualified professionals. They work quickly and qualitatively and what is the most important - sober. I very much was afraid about the fact that as usual builders are so called "boozers", no, they weren't noticed.

Thanks a lot. Good luck to all of us! Tamara, Leskovka village

Testimonial from Tatyana Sidorik's family

We aimed to build ecologically pure house – wooden house. And, as it turned out, in Minsk there are a lot of such organizations which are engaged in construction of wooden houses. But after communication by phone and visiting some of them - our choice stopped only on WoodPlace Company. We had no compunction about choosing WoodPlace Company!!! During conversation Ilya, Pavel and Alexander explained to us very well all highlights of construction of the house. Considering our wishes, they offered to us house plan "Yury Mikhaylovich". During construction works of foundation lying and construction of the house under a roof - everything was made professionally. There is a wish to express many thanks to staff of WoodPlace Company for the work done on construction of our house. Ilya, Pavel and Alexander - PROFESSIONALS of the business, they work together, qualitatively and clearly. Success in your future work, health and prosperity!

Yours faithfully Tatyana Sidorik's family.

Testimonial from Tatyana, Gennady and Yulia with Evgeny

We addressed to Woodplace Company several months ago, signed the building contract of the house in Soligorsk and were very happy. We are grateful to company for fast, high-quality work, to Andrey Nikolaevich (architect) for the ptoject, to Leonid and Alexander and of course to Vitale Abramovich and his team I that did high-quality assemblage of the house and the roof. All our wishes were granted completely and in proper time. Skill of staff in this company is at top level. It is pleasant to work with professionals.

What we liked

  • An accurate explanation of service cost
  • They arrived precisely to the very moment
  • Work was made quickly and qualitatively
  • Cleaned up construction waste

What we didn’t like

  • There was nothing

We remained happy with the received result. The result corresponded to promises of the company and our expectations. At the time of commissioning of a facility we estimate quality of works as high, quality of service - good. We wish your company progress and to be always running!

Yours faithfully Tatyana, Gennady and Yulia with Evgeny!!

Testimonial from Olga and Alexander

We couldn't choose the contractor on construction of the wooden house for a long time but thanks to the website we found WOODPLACE Company, and we remained very happy with this fact. The price and quality of construction made us very happy. Especially there is a wish to mark out the team of assemblers under Vitaly Abramovich who assemble our house - they aren't even frightened by weather conditions.

WoodPlace thanks for patience to our question, for professionalism, for quality and timeliness. We wish you a good health, success and prosperity in future work and advancement in the Russian market of wooden houses construction.

Testimonial from Sergey and Alyona

Many thanks to Woodplace!!! Together with the family we decided to build a house for rest and accommodation. We are very glad that chose Woodplace! Employees of the company competently made the project considering all our wishes, though the budget was limited! The team of builders works accurately and to the highest standard. Special THANKS to Ilya and Andrey for professionalism, understanding and patience, for good advices.

Yours faithfully Sergey and Alyona

Testimonial from Tatyana, Marina and Dmitry

WoodPlace fulfil dreams!

After long wanderings, searches of a reliable team which we could entrust construction of the house, we found WoodPlace. And we are immensely glad that we have found this company. Since the most detailed consultation, competent adaptation of the project under our "wishes and desires", paperwork, before delivery and assemblage - everything was made by team professionally and without fails! In February, 2014 we signed the contract, and in April wiped tears from faces and admire a ready house which boys in the photo report on this website lovely called "Green mile". Special thanks we want to express to Vanya and his team of builders for their clever fingers, professionalism, accuracy and decency!!! Boys work with soul and do as for themselves! Ilya, Andrey, Vanya and team, we wish you a merry Christmas you and a happy New Year! Health to you and your family, warmth to your families and, of course, prosperity in business more grateful clients! You, undoubtedly, deserve it! Well, and everybody who reads this response, but didn't decide yet with whom to build your house - don't waste time, go/call to WoodPlace. Believe me, with them building will be pleasure! Ilya, Andrey, Vanya and Co, we embrace you and say THANK YOU!!!!!!! We are always glad to see you at our house :)

Testimonial from Ilya

Together with wife we wanted to build a bathhouse in the country. And our dream come true thanks to WOODPLACE Company. Before starting cooperating with it I closely examined another companies, but nevertheless stopped on Woodplace and I didn't regret. Already at the first conversation about design and construction of a bathhouse I had positive impressions. Professionalism, tactfulness, an individual approach to the client and not indifferent relation to the work are those few qualities of team of workers in WOODPLACE. Separate thanks to Paul for his professionalism, his relation to work with clients (including with me) - any my question wasn't rejected - the concrete answer was given even on the silliest one. The bathhouse made out of profiled wooden beam was assembled quickly in the short time stipulated by the contract. The team worked accurately and together that led to excellent result. I want to tell YOU thanks for excellent work.

Yours faithfully Ilya Zakharchenya!!!

Testimonial from Igor

From the very beginning house plan Slizh was taken as a basis of our project. But after the consultation with the head of the company turned out the house type which is most answering to our desires and representations. Designing of our project took at most 2 hours of discussion that demonstrate professionalism and knowledge of the business. And the special confidence in success of our business was given by a sense of responsibility, integrity and honesty of all members of team that helped us with bringing our dream to life. And one more important point: even when construction was finished, boys come and look how do things stand, give advice according to the maintenance of the house. Thanks a lot to all staff of office for invaluable advices, to all builders for harmonious work and cleanness both site and communication!

Testimonial from Alexey Dmitriyevich

Good afternoon. I want to express the gratitude to the team of builders from the Woodplace Company! In due time I was examining, I was choosing, I was looking for the suitable project and prices of wooden country house. I arrived to office and I met Ilya and Andrey. During discussion I heard a lot of honest and useful information about construction - these boys are real professionals and decent people. The house was made and delivered faster, than I assumed. Quickly and accurately assembled, covered a roof and made detailed recommendations of further service. A lot of thanks to them! I have no other thoughts where to order my future bathhouse and an arbour.

Testimonial from Mikhalycha

Good afternoon, WoodPlace team! I want to say sincere words of gratitude for pleasure from work at construction of the house of my dream - the BUNGALOW on the bank of the forest lake. Management, quality and of course meeting of deadlines are AT THE TOP LEVEL. And what about the price? And price is corresponding! A conclusion - you want to build the house of high quality, without nerve-wracking and moreover to save money - entrust this process to the WoodPlace team. For an understanding of readers it is my NINTH house!!!

Yours faithfully! Mikhalych. AGROEKOUSADBA "EDIShKI"

Testimonial from Vladimir Danilovich

I want to tell many thanks for qualitative work to the foreman Sergei and his team. And also I want to say special words of gratitude to the director of Woodplace Zakharchenya Ilya Fedorovich.for his professional and responsible relation to the construction of my house. All works were performed according to the contract in time. I wish Woodplace Company good luck and prosperity.

Yours faithfully Vladimir Danilovich, Silichi

Testimonial from Vladimir and Lyudmila

We express gratitude to WoodPlace Company and to its head - Zakharchena Ilya Fedorovich for all complex of the works connected with construction of the house.
All works were well-organized and executed according to contractual commitments in time.
We are also grateful to the team which was carrying out assemblage works - to Abramovich Vitaly, Vladimir, Maxim and Alexey. They are skillful masters and responsible workers.
We recommend WoodPlace to everybody who doesn’t yet come up with a choice of the company for construction of wooden house made out of profiled wooden beam.

Testimonial from V. E. Salovsky

When our organization decided to build the guest house made out of wooden beam, we looked through many websites with offers. After communication with the director Iliya whose consultation was very detailed, competent and sensible, we decided to choose their production. In spite of the fact that WoodPlace has rather wide choice of ready projects, we wanted to have the house that would took into account our wishes. For a basis house plan "Yury" was chosen, then our wishes were formulated and the next day the modified house plan which completely suited to us was presented to us.
After signing a contract all works from production of a house set to the roof covering were performed precisely in proper time provided by the schedule and with excellent quality.
I express my gratitude to all staff of the company for cooperation and I wish you continued success in the future.

Yours faithfully, Director of LLC Terra Engineering V. E. Salovsky

Testimonial from Alexander and Olga

We want to say thank you, WoodPlace, that built to us the remarkable house made out of profiled wooden beam. Thanks to Ilya and all his team for professionalism, decency, organization, responsibility, coordination in work, patience and mutual understanding with the client. Special thanks to the team which in 4 days built the house foundation. And of course many thanks to the team of builders: to Vitaly, Alexey, Nikolay and Vladimir who in only 15 days in spite of bad weather built our house. We made the right decision, when chose the WoodPlace company. Many thanks to all of you! I wish all the best to you and your family.

Yours faithfully, Alexander and Olga, Polotsk (Polotsk house plan project)

Testimonial from Igor

I had been choosing the company for construction of the private wooden house. I stopped on WoodPlace - the attentive relation, definite answers on the questions won my heart and also desire of employees and the management of the company not only to get hold of the client, but to help him with a choice of the house. As the result, the house is already built, in the course of construction there was an active dialogue on constructional and technical questions. It was obvious that people not temporary workers, but they are interested in positive result and, as a result, in preservation and development of positive company image. I am happy with the result and now I count on the fastest beginning of construction by the same company and the same people a bathhouse and household buildings near my wooden house. Thanks to Ilya, Andrey, Sergei and everybody with whom I got to contact in the course of construction.

Testimonial from Roman

I want to say thanks to WoodPlace for the services rendered in supply of materials for a bathhouse. Also I bless all team for sincerity, speed, honesty in the liability and patience with some questions. I will apply to you one more time and bring my clients to your company. Thanks, boys. Good luck!

Testimonial from Alexey and Svetlana

I want to say thank you to all collective of WoodPlace for fine work, pleasant cooperation, sincerity and decency in the relations between team and client, and of course for perfectly built house and bathhouse. Now people says that there are no honest builders. It's safe to say: in "WoodPlace" they are! A combination of professionalism and decency are those qualities which characterize all staff of this company. Good luck to you and prosperity!!!

Testimonial from Alexander

Time came to build a bathhouse. I had been studying offers in the market, visiting some productions, comparing profile wooden beam and payment for works, and finally I chose "wood place". We already had a plan of a bathhouse, on its basis Andrey designed a felling with rafter system. The result turned out even better, than we initially thought. I signed the contract; I pour concrete for a foundation by myself. While concrete gained strength, wooden beam on production was ready. From the moment of unloading of elements of a felling on a site till ending of laying tile works passed seven working days. The team under the foreman Zhenya worked quickly and accurately. We have no claims to quality of work. Builders lived in the territory of a site. They are orderly, non-drinking, very modest. On the end of building of object they cleaned up the territory and the house where they lived. All remained materials and waste they accurately put up separately. After construction of the bathhouse they offered a discount for an arbour that we used later. We thank employees of "wood place" for good work. Now we raise funds for the new house from profiled wooden beam, and we will come, certainly, in "wood place".

Yours faithfully, Alexander. st. "Novaya Vioska"

Testimonial from Olga

Many thanks for the beautiful house that was built in the space of 1, 5 month! It is pleasant to note also professionalism and goodwill of all collective. Special thanks to Ilya for patience, flexibility, non-standard approach, open heart and good advice. I wish you happiness and health to you and your family!

Olga, Minsk area, St. Zhyvica

Testimonial from Tatyana

We would like to express our sincere thanks for excellent work of the WoodPlace Company. Under the competent and skillful guide of Ilya Zakharchenia in two months the house was bilt on the site where lived our parents where we and our children grew up. It was pleasant to see how harmoniously and accurately Stepan, Sasha, Mischa worked. So we wanted to help them, sometimes even something useful we did, but most often we only "got" in way:) It was pleasant to communicate with good, kind people and not only about construction aspects.

We hope, Ilya that next year we will continue cooperation with you and we will bring our dream to life. I wish health to all of you and progress in your very hard, but such pleasant for your many customers profession.

Yours faithfully Tatyana and her family, Molodechno.

Testimonial from Dmitry

With my wife we wanted to build wooden bathhouse long ago. And now we are building our bathhouse together with woodplace.by. Why did we decided to cooperate with them? Yes because testimonials on the website were good and when we communicated to employees at office, our belief that people are responsible only became stronger. We had no compunction about choosing WoodPlace Company. Boys made , brought and assembled log house under the roof! With such efficiency financing was late a little, but this question was in advance stipulated and, I hope, not very disturbed boys. Special gratitude to Ilya, as to the project coordinator, and Sergei - the foreman of builders, for resourcefulness, working capacity and humour! Boys, thanks for positive emotions, and that you break stereotypes about builders!

Testimonial from Vladimir

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Woodplace Company and personally to its head Zakharchena Ilya Fedorovich for the high level of professionalism in design, production and construction of the wooden house and bathhouse made out of profiled wooden beam on my site. I initially made a number of certain demands to a contractor – long-term experience in construction of wooden houses, multifaceted approach, responsibility and decency. Having studied enough offers in the market of Belarus in the field of construction of wooden houses, with satisfaction I can say that I didn't make the wrong choice of Woodplace. Specialists of the company work together, responsibly and qualitatively, in short – they are professionals. I hope, in future, during interior "turnkey” works, I still will have same positive emotions about our cooperation. I wish you progress, good luck and professional growth. Yours faithfully, Vladimir (St. "Balashi")

Testimonial from Natalya

We leave our response not only as gratitude, but also for information for those who faces a choice of the company for construction of wooden houses. When we had been choosing firm for construction of the house I studied information about all companies which are engaged in production and construction of wooden houses. We attended exhibitions where we had a chance to study all offers in this area, went and looked at ready houses where people already live. We also studied mistakes, nuances which arose already during the exploitation of the house. We were in some other companies and made the approximate estimate on construction, consulted with experts in this area. Then we heard reviews of this company. Also we analyzed all information in total, we stopped our choice on construction of the house from profiled wooden beam and in WoodPlace Company. We as amateurs had to study and consider carefully many questions in this area. And experts of "WoodPlace" with skill, easy and patiently explained everything. They took into account our wishes in design, gave practical advices and consided our financial capacity. And today on our site the log house is built. All deadlines specified in the contract were met. The estimate didn't change to the end of construction. We don’t have complaints about the quality.

Testimonial from Andrey

I want to express my impressions about cooperation with WOODPLACE Company. My name is Andrey, at the beginning of 2013, in the spring, we with my wife Katya were searched small temporary house. We visited a lot of firms; we came to the next meeting. And then something happened turn of events, such nobody expected. We completely changed plans concerning our construction. And thank God for that for the better! Thanks to a wide experience of employees and sincere desire to help, we were advised not to invest money in temporary house, but to build the main house not made out of gas silicate as we wanted, but out of natural material - timber. As a result they changed to us the project as we wanted, quickly made profiled wooden beam and accurately assemble it. Then excellent specialists covered roof, and to the middle of July we already had a covered frame of the house. Thanks to a piece of good advice of the expert, we will save on finishing materials and we will live in the house made out of environmentally friendly material! Deep gratitude to you, boys! Special thanks to Ilya for efficiency and discount ;-) We always ready to show to everyone the ready house, near Minsk, Drozdovo village behind shopping center EXPOBEL.

Testimonial from Irina

The 1st stage of construction is finished. The house made out of profiled wooden beam is on our site. I am a person with absolutely zero knowledge of a topic in construction and when the staff of firm advised to stop the choice on this or that type of material, or intelligibly explained some nuances of construction, I submissive to their advice. I hope that their experience and professionalism won’t let me down, and the house will be reliable in use and not expensive in service. I liked very much work of team under the leadership of Zhenya. They as a close-knit family of ants worked on construction of the house day and night (I don't lie – concrete for a foundation had to be poured at 2 o'clock in the morning, under the light of the automobile headlights because the car with concrete came late because of breakage, but boys after all waited for it and laid foundation). There were very hot days in the summer, and they mounted a roof under the scorching sun and there is no place to hide in a shadow. I felt simply sorry for them. Specially I want to tell about the atmosphere in collective. I never heard shout, abuse, obscene expressions neither at office, nor on a building site. Though there is other opinion about builders. Houses (especially dwellings) should build positive-minded people, with kind thoughts in soul and heart. Boys can do this. I wish everybody a happy New Year and excellent health.

Testimonial from Lyudmila

The house is our life with its endless whirl of activity. Also it is possible to argue what kind is better... But the house made out of timber, without doubts, has special aura, special power of rest, pleasure and cosiness which each person can feel, visiting the forest. Many thanks from our family to all team of Ilya for professionalism, decency, goodwill, mutual understanding at all stages of construction of such house. We plan future finishing works only with Woodplace Company. I wish you progress in business, health and all the best. Yours faithfully Lyudmila

Testimonial from Vladimir

Our own house in the village – it was my and my spouse dreamboat. And our children hurried up on a site, even when there was nothing there. We decided that the house will be wooden. However we chose it for a long time – between regularized round timber and wooden beam. We approached a matter thoroughly – anyhow we build not for one year. At first we chose the producer on the basis of quality specifications. I visited many firms across the Minsk region, I was on many productions, I listened and I analyzed. I took into account many factors – how long a company is in the market, what is production base, how many there were finished houses, how many houses are still building, how many assemblage brigades (one of the most important conditions – who builds the house - later assemble it!) how assemble, what materials are used. Also reviews of assembly workers about management, advices of the engineer on a design of the house and many other things were considered. We wanted trouble-free house– not expensive, natural and eco-friendly, warm, with windproof and waterproof corners and walls. In order not to caulk, daub, stick up, cover with foam corners, to shingle with something. Because of functionality and usability we chose profiled wooden beam. And from all firms remained three candidates. Then from those who remained we chose at the bidding of the heart. We choice WoodPlace. We didn't regret about it. And people were believers. It's very telling. They speak positively even about their competitors. I will not mark out someone personally from the company. All are good fellows, work like one team – the head, the designer, the foreman and erectors. About erectors of the house I want to mention separately. They are the team of three people - true professionals. It something indescribable … So quickly, accurately and qualitatively assembled the house – I was shocked. And not only I one – neighbors in the village simply stood, looked in wide-eyed astonishment and couldn't move out of location for a long time. The house grew as if by magic. In such house even breathe easier! A pine needles smell – as in pine forest in the summer, after a thunder-storm. The house isn't completely ready yet. It will give small shrinkage. But in the summer – may God give, we will live here. Generally – we with the family, probably, are the happiest of all clients of this firm. In a year we will order and a bathhouse too. Thank you so much. God grant progress to you and prosperity to your firm. Vladimir. The house in the village of Boyary.

Testimonial from Oleg

I want to tell thanks to WoodPlace Company! I decided to build wooden house, I visited many companies specialized in construction of wooden houses. It wasn't clear everywhere and I was treated not friendly with my order. Incidentally I found the WoodPlace Company I communicated with the engineer Andrei he accurately told everything to me about construction of wooden houses and finished my project. We signed the contract and chose time-frame. Everything was done even before the specified in the contract term. The team act responsibly concerning construction of my house. I remained very satisfied with this company and I wish them prosperity and growth in our Belarusian market. Thank you very much! Oleg Pyatevshchina

Testimonial from Svetlana

We decided to build the house made out of wooden beam. We looked through a lot of the websites and learned a lot of the useful information, but there is no individual approach, all one size fits all and then we found Woodplace... Thank you very much for professionalism, for patience to amateurish questions, for quality and timeliness. Thanks to the team, you guys are great! – they have no barriers, no sooner said than done. The house turned out very cool! Well done!

Testimonial from Sergey

We are very glad that construction of our house was carried out by WoodPlace Company. Within a month the house was built out of profiled wooden beam from a zero cycle to a roof. All arising issues in the course of construction were resolved without problems and taking into account our wishes. It was necessary only to observe how the house had been being built on a site. We are completely satisfied with the result we received. Thanks to Ilya Fedorovich, Alexander, Andrey, team of builders: to Ivan, Evgeny, Alexander and to builders who poured concrete for a foundation. We wish success in your future work, happiness and wellbeing. Sergey, Lyudmila.

Testimonial from Andrey

Ilya, I want to tell words of gratitude to you and your team (Woodplace) for professionalism, the attitude towards clients and work, and also for that fact that building can bring not only problems but even a pleasure! Everything who sees now my house note quality of work and competence of the project. Thanks, good luck to you and your business! Andrey, the object in GSOK of Logoys

Testimonial from Mikhail Vasilyevich

On a family council we decided to construct a bathhouse. And the bathhouse has to be made only out of wooden beam. I'm out of my depth in these matters. Therefore when arrived to Woodplace to order the bathhouse made out of cylindrical wooden beam, Alexander attentively listened to my desires and gently, but convincingly advised to build the bathhouse out of profiled wooden beam. Having discussed details of construction of future bathhouse, we signed the contract. I at once trust to Alexander. His words meet the actions. Work is performed qualitatively and what is important quickly. The terms stipulated by the contract were kept. The team worked accurately and together. This led to excellent result. In general I want to tell: "MANY THANKS" for work.

Testimonial from Mikhail

We decided to build the new house on the seasonal dacha. We had been searching the project for a long time. The main difficulty is that site is very small, and you won't construct a big house there therefore it was difficult to find the suitable project. Acquaintances advised to address in Woodplace. It offered us the project which we liked. Due to very long winter real construction began only at the end of April. Sergei's team was engaged in foundation laying. Impressions of the performed work and how these works were conducted are very good. Nikolay's team is engaged in assemblage of the house. We liked very much the organization of work, everyone operates as one team and quickly. Quality of assembly also pleases. All joints are ideally adjusted. As the saying runs, "not a thing can be said against it", and indeed: beams adjoin each other very tightly, in corners are also ideally tightly adjoin. Here, of course, achievement not only Nikolay's team, but also quality of produced wooden beam. On quality of с produced wooden beam we can cite as an example the next statement "so it is planed ". And Nikolay noted that, quality of a surface of wooden beam is very good and it no need to grind it, only if inside. Also I want to note the attitude of builders both to work, and to safe keeping of the surrounding territory, very careful attitude to plants near building. And neighbors near our dacha were astonished by the fact that builders don't drink, don't use foul language, quietly do all works. The assembly of the house isn't finished yet, but the impression of the performed work causes only positive emotions.

Testimonial from Sergey and Irina

Many thanks, Woodplace! We wanted to build the inexpensive small house for permanent stay. Employees of the company competently consulted, helped to expand the project, but did not increase costs. They advised many things of which we didn't even think. The house was built in time. Solution of all issues took 1,5 months. During construction there were no problems. Special thanks to the team for their cultural behavior with neighbors, to Andrey for explanation of all questions (sometimes several times), Ilya for a competent advice and coordination of the project!!!

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