Services Construction of "turnkey" wooden house long and firmly took the leading position in the market. Produced in this way at home as a result obtained a very high quality, reliable and durable, as all stages of work carried out by experts in their field.

Woodplace company also provides the service: we carry out the construction of wooden houses under the key in Belarus for more than 17 years, well know all the nuances of the process and take care of the production of all stages of the construction and interior decoration. Modern equipment and years of experience allow us to implement projects of any complexity.

You do not have to look for contractors for each phase of the construction work. Due to the well-coordinated work of our team, you save time, money and nerves. You entrust our company site, and at the end take the finished house. Under construction can control all stages of work, and can go about their business with full confidence that the work is being done on the conscience.

It is said that during the construction of the tree house takes a lot less money than in the construction of other materials. Savings starts with the foundation!

When ordering from our company wooden house "turnkey", the price will be much lower than when working on each stage with different teams, and will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project (on the average - from $ 10 thousand).

  1. Construction of wooden houses begins with geodetic studies of the soil. Our architectural bureau is developing a personal project of the future house based on your wishes and requirements, taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain and soil. Most of our clients do not fully represent will look like their home. Our experts will realize your ideas, taking into account the financial and technical component. At this stage, you can see your home and something in it to change.
  2. After agreement we come to the unit foundation and parts manufacturing in our factory. Each item is thoroughly at home in the high-precision processing of the modern German equipment. More information about this step, you can read in the "Production" section.
  3. At the customer site construction materials come ready-made and do not require additional adjustment and processing.

  4. The last step - it is cleaning the territory after construction and interior decoration. After that you can call in your house, enjoy its comfort and harmony. Own production ensures uninterrupted supply of high-quality wood, to guarantee low prices, high level of work and meeting deadlines.
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